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The VisitEgypt team partnered up with JR Alli to create an unprecedentedly unique adventure-travel film.

The partnership was sponsored by EgyptAir.

Within 6 days of the video’s release, it reached 500,000 views across all social media platforms.

The world’s largest tourism community on social media.


We were contacted by Jeremey Jauncey, CEO of Beautiful Destinations, to help the world’s most inspiring travel content creators shoot stunning footage in Egypt.


A seamlessly perfect romantic getaway at Soma Bay.


In early November the #VisitEgypt Team was invited to explore Soma Bay.

MyEgypt Soma Bay
MyEgypt Soma Bay
MyEgypt Hospitality

Relentless Luxury on the Pearl of the Mediterranean.


Late December 2018, the #VisitEgypt team was offered a luxurious getaway to cover an iconic property.


MyEgypt Luxury
MyEgypt Luxury

A historical hotel gets a new vantage point.


During the last few days of 2018, the #VisitEgypt team was offered to shoot one of Cairo’s historic properties, downtown, by the glorious Tahrir Square.


MyEgypt NileRitzCarlton
MyEgypt NileRitzCarlton